Special Needs Programme

Through this programme ACTS addresses the requirements of special needs children in its target area.

Special Needs Classes

In Kongowea and Maweni Primary Schools, both in our target area, we have introduced special needs classes, a quest ACTS has been pursuing over the years! The classrooms were painted and repaired, appropriately designed tables and benches were provided and wall education posters and an assortment of educational toys, puzzles, books and games were issued to the teachers and the students. Lockable cupboards were also provided for the safekeeping of the sponsored educational material. The students were also included in the porridge program and now each child enjoys a daily cup of nutritious millet porridge at 10.00 am.

Some of the special needs teachers and our special needs children at Kongowea Primary School enjoying their porridge.
The desks were also donated by ACTS.

Special Needs Playground

In 2011, the Special Needs Unit of Kongowea School was treated to a magnificent play ground with swings, climbing frame and slides in all colours of the rainbow.

Our program has repaired and maintained the play ground and it is still enjoyed by many children!

In April 2014 The International School of PADUA, Italy donated a substantial amount of money to ACTS to be used for our Special Needs Programme.

Part of the money has been used to repair and upgrade ( new swings, add sand ...) to the playground at Kongowea Primary School.

We also made soft boards for both Kongowea and Maweni and placed them on the walls for the children to display their work. Both schools were given black boards and different items like jumping ropes, picture books, soft balls, manilla papers etc.

Some more projects, like making weaving frames are in the pipeline and will be handed to the schools after the Easter holidays.

Thank you, International School of Padua, you made a huge difference in these children's lives!

Below the happy students and teachers receiving items from ACTS

Kongowea Special Needs Unit:

Maweni Special Needs Unit:

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