Sponsorship Programme

The ACTS Sponsorship Programme enables children to access quality education and thereby enhances their chances of a secure future.

The sponsorship programme is the main focus of ACTS – it falls into three categories primary, secondary and third levels.

Primary Students:

With the tremendous growth in primary school enrolment since the introduction of the free primary education in 2003, ACTS channelled its support to improving the standards of the schools in our target area - Kongowea slum on the outskirts of Mombasa -  through our School Support Programme. However, ACTS continues to support those students who already were enrolled in small non-government schools in Kongowea.
The number of students at this level has decreased significantly, enabling the charity's focus to move to supporting students at secondary and third levels.

Secondary Students:

Many students are eager to continue on to secondary level, but secondary education is not free, so financing can be a major obstacle.
In the secondary system students are examined at the end of their fourth year by a National Examination Council. The students then attain, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) after which they can apply to university. Students who do not qualify to go to University can apply to various government diploma/certificate courses at college.

ACTS secondary students must attain C+ to ensure their funding. The ACTS appraisal and counselling system ensures students remain on track or are supported to make alternative academic choices.

Third Level Students - university or college:

ACTS has approximately 50 students who complete their secondary education every year. These students then apply for university degrees, college diploma's or certificate courses. University applications take 2 years to process so we have ACTS Scholars keep in touch with their ongoing training plans until they secure their place of choice. Other needy students from Kongowea who have been not sponsored previously by the Charity during their secondary education are also enrolled in the  third level programme.

Some of the ACTS Graduates and Third Level Students:

Parents Day

Every year the ACTS team organises a Parents Day, when all parents of sponsored students are invited to come and share their views.

The purpose of this day is also to sensitise parents to their responsibilities of communicating and interacting with ACTS staff.
Fees structures are explained and discussed.

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  • ALL money donated to the Student Sponsorship Programme goes entirely to student fee sponsorship.

    All other ACTS programmes are funded by specific fundraising and donations for these purposes.

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