Staff Notices

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1. Leave application form should be submitted in triplicate at least thirty days in advance and Maternity leave, within a month of the child's birth.

2. Annual leave allowance is paid once a year subject to leave taken not being less than fifteen (15) days.

Section l: (to be completed by the Employee) To: Manager, Human Resources

While out of office, reach me through

Section 2: (to be completed by Head of Section)

Leave Recommended

Section 3: (to be completed by Head of Division/HOD/Area Manager)

Leave Recommended

Section 4: (to be completed by HRO, Records Management)

1. Leave brought forward (from last leave year or when last calculated)

2. Leave earned (from the last time taken to commencement date)

3. Total leave due (by leave commencement date)

4. Leave to be taken

5. Leave balance

6. As at (Date of leave commencement date)