Newly Married Couples

For most couples that first year of marriage can be extremely challenging. RELATE's Newly Married Couple service helps newly married couples better manage the ‘readjustment’ period that comes with many challenges, so soon after the ‘honeymoon’ is over.

Newly wed couples are often surprised when they have their first major disagreement and the realization that they may not be "on the same page" with each other on things. As a result it is often a shock when a major conflict occurs. New couples often report doubting thoughts about their love for each other, because they ‘sued to agree on everything’ before marriage.

However being ‘in love’ and having similar values alone does not ensure that the marriage will be conflict free and high functioning. There will always be conflict in relationships, and if there is no conflict then, the couple would be living in denial, which would sooner or later catch up with both of them in the marriage. Conflict is normal, and becomes destructive when couples fight in predictable fruitless ways that erode the marriage. Learning how to deal positively with conflict at an early stage, is crucial in ensuring a healthy marriage.  

All of the above is normal and should be expected to some degree, so couples should not be surprised or think that they are necessarily headed for trouble or that they are somehow different. If however tension and deep negative feelings persist, then we encourage short term therapy to help you as a couple find out what else is at play. At this stage of your marriage with a relatively short history together therapy would help you change potentially destructive patterns and replace them with healthier ones. It is always better to catch these patterns earlier than later on in your marriage. 

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