Adoption (for cross-cultural adoptions from Kenya)

Adopting a child from another culture can be tedious, emotionally stressful and lonely especially for single parents from abroad. RELATE can be your reference point in Kenya and will enable you to understand and integrate into a new and different culture and environment, help you adapt to parenthood in this very particular cross cultural situation, help you understand the tribe and culture your adoptive child will be coming from as well as provide psychological services and enable you to meet other families on a similar journey as you.

Adopting a child domestically is a hard task in itself, but when somebody decides to adopt a child internationally it becomes even harder then adopting a child domestically. Adopting a child internationally is a long process, it can drain you emotionally and it can be very expensive. It becomes a lot less difficult and stressful if you find an organization that  can help guide you every step of the way. The best thing to do during the international adoption process is to keep be very patient a keep a leveled head. Before you dive into an international adoption, you must be emotionally prepared and financially prepared. Adopting a child internationally can be paperwork intense and the paperwork processing can take anywhere from six months to several years.

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