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Listening Ear Service (coaching)

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Benefits of our 'Listening Ear' Coaching Service

We know that there are times when life can be unbelievably tough, throwing you into a ‘crisis’ or an ‘emotionally vulnerable’ situation, which you don’t feel safe sharing with anyone you know.

In times like this, our experience reflects, that most people just need the time, a safe space and an objective listening ear to run to. A place where they can be listened to without being judged, condemned, laughed at or criticized for being in that particular vulnerable situation.

Relationship Therapy (Couples, Individuals including cross-cultural relationships)

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Benefits of Relationship Therapy 

Couples and families face so many challenges today. Whether it is communication problems, infidelity, parenting, substance abuse, or loss of a family member, professional support can prove very beneficial. Not only does professional therapy help in working through problems, it enhances relationships and opens up lines of communication. Family and relationship therapy also reduces the chance of problems becoming worse, and relationships drifting, becoming damaged, or ending in divorce. Research has found that professional therapy improves relationships and the physical and mental health of family members.

Finding the Right Partner - Compatibility Coaching

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Finding the ‘right’ partner with whom to be in relationship and have a family with, is the most important decision you will ever make. The future of your family revolves around this decision, because it determines the quality of relationship and family environment you will have in future. Relate’s Compatibility Coaching Service is here to ensure that you do make the best decision in finding that right person.

Newly Married Couples

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For most couples that first year of marriage can be extremely challenging. RELATE's Newly Married Couple service helps newly married couples better manage the ‘readjustment’ period that comes with many challenges, so soon after the ‘honeymoon’ is over.

Family Relationships

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Our family resolution services provide assistance with difficult or problematic relationships within the immediate and extended family mainly like: parents, adult siblings, children, second and third families, i.e. step families.

Talking it Through for Young People

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Children and adolescents face many unique challenges today. Pressure at school, problems at home, and dealing with peers can be overwhelming. Sometimes young people feel misunderstood, alone, or confused. It is not always easy for children and teens to express what is bothering them. At RELATE KENYA we offer professional counseling services for adolescent people - a safe space to explore whatever is going on in their lives.

Elderly People Needing Support

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Life can present you with different challenges. You may be having challenges within your own relationship or that with your children, thus affecting your relationship with your grandchildren, or you may be lonely etc. RELATE can help you manage your situation.

Adoption (for cross-cultural adoptions from Kenya)

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Adopting a child from another culture can be tedious, emotionally stressful and lonely especially for single parents from abroad. RELATE can be your reference point in Kenya and will enable you to understand and integrate into a new and different culture and environment, help you adapt to parenthood in this very particular cross cultural situation, help you understand the tribe and culture your adoptive child will be coming from as well as provide psychological services and enable you to meet other families on a similar journey as you.

Helping You through Separation and Loss

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Our separation and loss services covers all the aspects of separation and loss that happen within families and relationshps like: couples separating; divorce, the death of a family member; empty nest syndrome; job losses; life stages like menopause, miscarriages, separation from adult children (estrangement). Relate walks with you through these difficult times of your life.

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