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Finding the ‘right’ partner with whom to be in relationship and have a family with, is the most important decision you will ever make. The future of your family revolves around this decision, because it determines the quality of relationship and family environment you will have in future. Relate’s Compatibility Coaching Service is here to ensure that you do make the best decision in finding that right person.

To ensure this happens, we have gone much further than exchanging photographs and interests. We engage our singles in a process of coaching, that helps you break long unseen and ingrained dysfunctional relationship patterns, that have been with you in your past relationships and could be a danger to your future intimate relationships, marriage and family. This process highly increases the chances of having a firm basis on which to build a successful ‘baggage’ free relationship and a highly functional relationship.

Our Compatibility Coaching service is based on clinical research that shows most separated, divorced and step family situations, are a result of the unseen and unknown ‘baggage’ (or wounds) from an individual’s past, carried into significant relationships. We are aware that LOVE is not enough to hold a relationship together, neither will it avoid a version of bad past relationships or a dysfunctional family, from repeating itself.

Having gone through the above process, you are able to engage in intimate friendships with the insight gained from this service. If you so wish, you may sign up for our social activities. Here you meet others, who have also been through a similar process as yourself, and with whom you may be able to share deeper levels of compatibility in the most important areas of life, proven to be the foundation for a long-term relationship, like beliefs, relationship skills, key life experiences, original family dynamics, spirituality, emotional management and other key dimensions. 

Using this service is a great way to learn more about the person you are and how you relate to others in your relationships and how other people perceive you and what effects this can have. Our Compatibility Coaching service gives you a much stronger base and foundation on which to build a future relationship that is REAL

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