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1 Dec 2014
Do Kenyan businesses understand how Google ranks web sites?
What does it take for a site to attain a Google page one ranking for the main search terms in a specific industry?
A quick survey via Google search reveals that few organizations in Kenya understand the impact of content quality on search engine placement. .
1 Nov 2014
Social Media | Media Strategy
Social media isn't new in Kenya but many companies are still hesitant to get serious about social.
And, they aren't to blame.
After all, to the new initiate, it sounds like it's all about posts, likes and tweets.
Few companies have integrated social media into their overall internet marketing campaign.
1 Oct 2014
Online Advertising
When a client visits your premises and expresses an interest in your product offering, you can later send a salesman to make a follow-up sale. Did you know that this is also possible online?
If you run an online store, remarketing allows you to follow-up on web site visitors with targeted ads as they visit other web sites. .
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