Do Kenyan Businesses Understand How Google Ranks Websites?

What does it take for a site to attain a Google page one ranking for the main search terms in a specific industry? A quick survey via Google search reveals that few organizations in Kenya understand the impact of content quality on search engine placement.

The Famed Google Algorithm

Google ranks web pages based on several factors. These factors make up the famous Google algorithm. Each factor GIVE EXAMPLES is weighted differently in the algorithm.

The algorithm isn’t static, though, it‘s dynamic - constantly changing as Google makes frequent changes in their unending quest to deliver accurate search results. These "algo" changes are referred to as Google Updates.

The Message From Google HQ: Quality and Usable Content is King!

Since around 2011, the updates have been frequent – sometimes major changes are effected on a monthly basis. The message from Google HQ with each update is that quality content is the single biggest ranking factor in their algorithm. Google continues to affirm its commitment to delivering quality content and improving user experience with each update. The 2014 updates, thus far, are evidence that Google will continue on this path in the foreseeable future.

The Updates Up Close:

The first update of 2014 was the Page Layout, also known as the Top Heavy algorithm. This update penalized sites with too many ads in the top one-third of pages. The rationale is based on Google's user feedback; in surveys carried out, users complained that they found it difficult to find content on such sites.

In May, there was major update referred to as Panda. Past Panda updates have focused on weeding out content farms, thin content and websites with high ad-to-content ratios among a host of other quality issues. The May update affected 7.5% of English language queries. There was also another Panda update in September 2014 that affected 3-5% of search queries.

In addition to these major updates, there were a few other algorithm updates that had a minimal impact. The lesson for Kenyan site owners is that they have to focus on quality.

The Business of Giving Readers What They Want

Google is in the business of giving readers what they want so if you can understand what your readers want first and give it to them; you'll stay above water when Google decides to update their algorithm.

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