The PAGE ONE online marketing philosophy

A holistic approach for clear cut online marketing results

At PAGE ONE we foster a holistic approach to online marketing based on 4 main interdependent pillars: attraction, retention, conversion & monitoring.

An internet marketing performance that does not integrate a balanced mix of all four of these strategic ingredients will not succeed in driving revenue.

It would be like lifting weights with only one leg: very soon you’ll find yourself walking around in circles.

Let's do the math:

SEO without on-page optimization:

If, for example, you uniquely focus your attention on SEO you may see your site traffic increase, but without your web site's power to convert visits into action your traffic remains irrelevant.

On-page optimization without SEO:

If, on the other hand, you deploy all your efforts towards fine tuning your web site you may achieve brand value and professional credibility on your own domain, however, without top search engine rankings supported by a comprehensive media strategy you will hardly have visitors appreciate your endeavors and professionality.

Online marketing without monitoring:

It also goes without saying that if you neglect analyzing your results through traffic reports, you’ll not be able to fine tune your internet marketing approach to get the most out of your internet marketing investment.

PAGE ONE Service structure:


PAGE ONE Service structure


At PAGE ONE we have developed holistic products that do justice to our holistic approach. Each package we offer includes dedicated attention to the following aspects of SEO and online marketing:



• Search Engine Optimization
• Media Strategy
• Content Marketing
• Online Advertising Campaigns
• Social Networking



• Google Re-marketing
• Email Campaigns
• RSS Feeds
• Customer Service Apps



• Web Site Architecture
• Consumer Added Value strategy
• Usability Testing
• Design
• Content/ Keyword/ Code Optimization
• Up/ Cross Sales Optimization



• Traffic Analytics
• Email Campaign Analytics
• Search Engine Analytics
• Keyword Analytics

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