Remarketing: Online Follow-up Sales for Your Business

When a client visits your premises and expresses an interest in your product offering, you can later send a salesman to make a follow-up sale.

Did you know that this is also possible online?

If you run an online store, remarketing allows you to follow-up on website visitors with targeted ads as they visit other websites.

How Remarketing Works

According to Google, "Dynamic remarketing lets you reach your past site visitors with ads that show the specific products people viewed on your site”.

If, for example, someone shopping online visits an online store and looks at smartphones. The retailer knows that:

  1. The person is looking to buy a smartphone, or,
  2. The person is looking to buy a smartphone in the future, and most likely,
  3. The person likes the online retailer's site and there is a reason they browsed it.

The retailer can then remarket a site visitor on other websites.

This is achieved using browser cookies. The site owner is able to show smartphone ads to you at the top or side of other web sites as you browse. The retailer knows that based on your shopping behavior (as revealed by the cookies) you are likely to purchase a smartphone.

In effect, sites you visit can follow you around with ads related to what you have viewed. In much the same way as a salesman would pay you a follow-up visit.

Is Remarketing a Good Choice for Kenyan Companies?


With hundreds of Kenyan firms now turning to online sales, competition for online space is fierce and a company must look for ways to give it an edge over its competitors.

Remarketing allows you to regain lost traffic.

There are many distractions and reasons that could make a potential customer postpone a purchasing decision for later. For example, someone may be in the middle of browsing your store only to get distracted by a Facebook post, phone call or something else. Once they lose their train of thought, they may put off the transaction for another time which may never come.

With remarketing, you can re-engage with a user who has already shown some level of interest.

Would you like to find out how remarketing can improve the return on investment (ROI) on all of your online sales channels?

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