Precise targeting and measurability make online advertising the low risk option, especially SME's have been craving for to expand their brand exposure and boost conversion.

PAGE ONE online advertising services will help you optimize your advertising ROI and secure clear cut results. See our various campaign options below:

Paid Search/Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Paid search, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (search engine marketing), is one of the fastest, most scalable ways to grow sales and leads. It can be thought of as a system of keywords, ads, landing pages and optimization techniques.

At PAGE ONE, it is our job to grab the attention of search engine users who are searching for things of interest to your business. In other words, your future customers are searching on Google right now. By carefully selecting and bidding on keywords, we are able to funnel qualified traffic directly to your site. It doesn't end with keywords, though. We also test variations of ad copy.

Our search engine and Google Display Network marketing services include:

• Keyword research and development
• Campaign creation and optimization
• Ad copy A/B testing
• Landing page assessment, design and A/B testing
• In-depth weekly and monthly reporting

What is the Google Display Network (GDN):

As put by Google, it's a network targeted at combining the right time and place for the display of your ads. The GDN lets you place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet to reach more potential customers. The particularity of this network is that it offers many advanced targeting options including keyword contextual and placement - thus allowing you to pinpoint your audience and show your ad to those who are actually seeking for what you have on offer. Starting at $ 0.75 per click the GDN is a very cost-efficient advertising solution allowing you to control and cap your advertising budget at any time.

The GDN comprises more than 2 million web sites and gives you instant access to more than 90% of web users all over the globe across all screens, mobile, tablet and desktop.

Google Remarketing - Follow Up on your site visitors:

The newest development on the GDN is remarketing.

Remarketing lets you follow up on or display ads to users who have visited your web site before. When people leave your web site without doing anything, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or search on Google. Through adding custom parameters to your site you can decide which ad to display for any type of reaction visitors to your site showed.

You may read more about remarketing in our blog

Ad Budget Optimization:

While you can start an online marketing campaign on your own as a freshman, proper allocation of advertising budgets is far from easy. A major challenge faced by online marketers in attempting to optimize their campaigns is the sheer number of variables involved, the many individual decisions they make in fixing or changing these variables, and the complex short and long-term interplay among these variables and decisions.

If you advertise on the Internet or plan to do so, PAGE ONE will undertake to optimize your budget.
Due to the combined experience of our staff working with online advertising operators such as the Google Display Network, we've got what it takes to improve on your advertising efficiency.

By analyzing your advertising campaign we will define:

• The general level of efficiency for every arm of the online advertising campaign, for example, contextual advertising, banner networks, newsletters etc
• Spots where your advertising budget is being “clicked off”;
• The optimal price for central keywords of each channel;
• Effective advertising instruments that are underutilized;
• The converted sources of traffic that is underutilized;
• Keywords that aren't being used;
• The optimal position in each contextual channel's distribution on all central inquiries.

Online Advertising Strategies:

Not sure how to go about online advertising? Whether you want to reach out to new potential clients or bring previous customers back to your business, an online advertising strategy is essential in today’s marketplace.

Contact Us to find out how help you deploy an online advertising campaign for your business!