The advantages of email marketing as one of the most cost-effective retention strategies are clear to most of us; what isn't obvious though, is how easily a wrong strategy can turn into spam and do more harm than good to your professional credibility.

PAGE ONE will help you optimize your email campaigns to avoid the spam trap and secure clear cut results.

Email Etiquette and maintaining a good Sender Reputation

Inboxes are becoming more and more precious territory especially as we see our own flooded with campaigns we never asked for and are painfully trying to keep relevant messages from the anonymous advertising blurb.

But what are the determining factors of a successful campaign?

The number one reason people get blocked is because they have a bad mailing list. Don’t purchase your list or scrape websites for contacts. It’s the easy way out and you will pay the consequences. Most of these lists have bad email addresses and include spam traps and email service providers are very good at recognizing bad mailing lists.

You should only send emails to people that have opted in and agreed to receiving your emails on YOUR web site. In addition, you should be sending a verification email with a link that confirms their subscription (double opt-in) to make sure their email address is correct and that they are the person that signed up. If everyone did this, the world would be a better place.

In addition, you should have a place on your web site where users can unsubscribe from your mailings, in addition to a link in every email you send

You're audience will thereby shrink, however, your message will be appreciated. The art is to become a trusted vehicle for good and useful content and that is exactly what an email campaign strategy is all about.

PAGE ONE will help you create and grow your lists organically and deliver content that your audience is looking for.

PAGE ONE Email Marketing Services:

We will manage your Email Campaign from A-Z including:

• A content strategy focused on usability, attraction and calls to action for optimized monitoring;
• campaign design;
• cleaning, optimizing and growing your mailing list;
• campaign implementation;
• campaign tracking, monitoring and reporting

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