5 Reasons Kenyan Businesses Should Embrace Social Media

Social media isn't new in Kenya but many companies are still hesitant to get serious about social.

And, they aren't to blame.

After all, to the new initiate, it sounds like it's all about posts, likes and tweets.

Few companies have integrated social media into their overall marketing campaign.

But, on the other end of the spectrum, there are companies that have jumped onto the social media bandwagon expecting that merely opening a Twitter account will double their profits or that they are one Facebook post away from getting interviewed by Citizen, KTN or better yet, CNN's Quest Means Business.

Looking around in the real world, you realize that, sadly, this isn't true.

The truth is, social media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forms of online marketing but it isn't simply a matter of waving a wand and success "auto-magically" happens.

It takes time, focus and, most importantly, a particular skill set developed over time.

As a matter of fact, if you do it the wrong way, social media could end up working against you. Take, for example, a case where RMA motors Tweeted to a client to have a cold beer in lieu of service. This was is response to a complaint from the high profile client to the effect that his brand new Range Rover was always breaking down. The actual Tweet read, "will be in touch to discuss one-to-one your outburst here & what can be done. For today; have a cold tusker & enjoy the day." Within hours, this Tweet had gone viral with hundreds of Kenyans on Twitter expressing their outrage.

This was a classic example of how social media can go wrong if you do it wrong or put unskilled or inexperienced people in-charge of this channel.

So, what is Social Media Good For? These are the five reasons your business should embrace social media.     

  1. To start with, it is a great tool for the first pillar of Internet marketing which is building relationships with customers.
  2. It is the best way to increase brand recognition without incurring massive advertising costs.
  3. Can deliver new customers in droves.
  4. It can increase sales exponentially.
  5. It decreases customer service costs.

In fact, social media can wear all the hats to your business. You just need to configure it do so.
Success in social media starts with successfully engaging one person.

It only takes one person to get the message out there. Through social media, one person can generate thousands of connections within a short time. One post from one person can open the flood gates for more impressions and deliver thousands of chances for other people to connect.

Once you successfully engage a small number of people, the possibility of growing your users increases exponentially.

But, how do you persuade people to engage, post, tweet, follow, repost, retweet and talk about your business?

Truth be told. You don't have to.

Almost everyone who joins a social media service does so to connect with others in some way. They are already looking for a reason to engage. All you need to do is provide them with an issue they can connect about.

That may seem easy. In fact, you could probably stop reading right now, start posting and enjoy some measure of success.

However, if you want a strategy that guarantees social media success and one that maximizes your return on investment, you must to retain the services of a social media marketing expert.

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